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About us

Natural : Eco-Friendly : Ethical

The Green Peak came about out of a desire for a happy, healthy home. Like most people I craved a clean, organised home but I was starting to have serious concerns about the negative side effects of traditional cleaning products and of course the excessive amount of plastic that was accumulating under my sink. Whilst I can't promise you a tidier house, I can promise you a cleaning product that is kind to the planet, to you and your family and to your pets. We use only natural products in our cleaners and scent them only with essential oils so that all you will get is a sparkling clean and a lovely natural fragrance with none of the associated nasties.

We are a small family business based in Sheffield on the border of the beautiful Peak District. All our products are carefully researched and tested and then lovingly handmade and bottled. We hope that they make cleaning as enjoyable as it can be!



Natural ingredients mean that you don't need to worry about breathing them in or them entering the water system as they are fully biodegradable.  Natural means that you can rest assured that no harm will come to young children, pets or you. Skin and breathing conditions will not be exasperated. If you are super sensitive you can even choose fragrance free products.



Reducing the amount of plastic we throw out is becoming a priority for all of us. You can either buy one of our  spray bottles and reuse it with one of our fully recyclable aluminium refills or you can simply use our refills in whatever spray bottle you have handy. If you order on line then your products will arrive in fully recyclable boxes.


Our products are plant-based and produced from cruelty-free ingredients. Where ever possible we use organic ingredients and ensure that they are produced under fair trade guidelines.